Kieran Keddle

Kieran Keddle started training in 1992 aged 12 at the Orpington Leisure Centre under the guidance of Sean Toomey (Lumpini Gym). His brother, Alan, was training in Manchester at the time whilst studying at university and recommended to find a local club.

“To be honest I trained twice a week on/off for a couple of years, it was fun, not serious, I would sometimes go with my brother Shaun or some friends.”

After watching a show at Yorkshire Grey in south east London Kieran got the bug.

“Alan was competing too and I was always up for challenges so it was only a matter of time.”

In 1994 Kieran had his first fight against Kieran Taylor from the then named Bad Company Gym in London. The fight was at the famous York Hall, with Kieran winning by TKO. Just before this time, Sean Toomey had taken a break away from teaching and left Kieran’s brother Alan to run the club. He formed Orpington Combat Sports, Petts Wood Thai boxing and eventually Keddle’s Gym. Alan was British champion and in his last fight famously won the European strap from Eval Denton by KO.

Kieran left school and became a Barristers Clerk in London (1996-1999) whilst still training and competing. During this period he became English champion at 16 and three times British champion by the time he was 18.

“Those times Muaythai and kickboxing were held at small venues and leisure centres or nightclubs on a Sunday, we travelled all over the UK, some great memories! Going into work the next day after a war was always a task in its own as black eyes were always frowned upon.”

At 18 he had his first test abroad in France.

“There I learnt about fighting on foreign territory and experienced that you really have to knock them out to win”

He fought David Naluet for the WKN European title.

“Although giving him two standing eight counts I still lost on points. It is what it is – no matter how much complaining, it won’t change a thing.”

In 2000 aged 19 he was getting recognition as a tough fighter staying active, the name Keddle was getting known. He had a new trainer alongside his brother in Chris Carley. Chris , was from a different martial arts background and was also Alan’s ex training partner. They grew a bond with Chris bringing a strategy to his fight game.
By 20 he defeated UK NO.1 Warren brown and won a world title eliminator against Vincent Swaans from the famous VOS Gym in Holland on points. He then defeated, against the odds, Lee Chesters (Wicker Camp) to claim the WAKO-PRO world title in Leeds.

“No one thought I could win besides my team Alan Keddle and Chris Carley, Lee was aggressive and powerful, legs like trees! To be honest it wasn’t the best fight, I stuck close to him in the clinch and out scored him, the plan worked!”

In 2001 he fought a couple of times in Thailand at the Therppasit Stadium. Whilst training at Fairtex in Bangkok Kieran had the opportunity to fight at the Famous Lumpinee Stadium.

“It was a dream, I enjoyed every second of the fight against Sitchorai, although he wasn’t a high ranked stadium fighter he was still a challenge. I won by TKO round 3 and was buzzing to say the least!!!”

During the ages of 19-23 Kieran travelled to Thailand for 2-4 week training camps.

“I had a couple of losses against Mark Matthews and Frankie Hudders. I was fighting regularly, I couldn’t win them all, but I avoided no-one that’s all that matters.”

Thailand was the most important part of Kieran’s career.

“I was UK No.1 for eight years and wanted regular challenges. I learnt so much, not just about Muaythai, but myself. Living in different conditions, the training, the heat, I recommended any fighter to go, but make sure it’s the right gym !!”

In 2004 Kieran went to live in Thailand to train at the Famous Kaewsamrit gym in Bangkok.

“I had spoke to Rob Cox, the gym manager, on the telephone and it really was the best gym at the time without a doubt. The camp had current champions like Anuwat, Watcharachai, Kunpunit, Rittijak, Yuttijack and Jompop. There I had 21 fights in all, mixed results admittedly, it was hard but some crazy experiences like getting TV fight of the week on UBC against a 6ft 1 southpaw, fighting Xmas day at 1.30am for the Chaweng title, fighting 3 times in 5 days, fighting Buakaw por pramuk without any notice after being driven round Bangkok all day, fighting a prisoner outside a temple and the list goes on.”

Kieran had another boxed ticked when he fought at Rajadamern Stadium to be the first British man to have fought at both stadiums.

“I was very nervous, I performed badly losing on points. A fight career low of mine, the opponent was tricky and I just tried to get the knock out instead of fighting my game.”

In 2006 Kieran began fighting at 63.5kgs dropping from welterweight.

“I had a run of 4 wins and one draw at this weight and although I was tall for I could comfortably make it.”

He was offered by John Jarvis to fight for the WPKL world title against Andrei Kluebin.

“Andrei was class, a Belarusian master, 3 x world champion, I knew it would be one of my toughest challenges – I was on fire that night and took him apart for five rounds to claim the title.”

That performance Kieran puts as his finest display.

Kieran went on to fight Thai legend and Olympic gold medalist Somluck Khemsing at the Legends show

“A lot had gone on, I had switched camps and was teaching full time. No excuses I should have pressed the fight more but I wanted to fight the best and he was the best. Made hard work look easy and could frustrate opponents. Somluck is a living legend.”

Kieran’s retirement fight was in March 2011 against French WPMF world champion Charles Francois.

The event was held in Swanley, close to where Kieran lives.

“I invited everyone to come, family and friends, the place was packed out. It reminded me of fighting when I was a kid in a sports hall, the atmosphere was intense, a moment I will never forget. We went to war, kicked lumps out of each other but I was too determined and took the win.”

Kieran claimed the IKF world title at 66.68kgs and retired a three times world champion.

“Even though I was 30 years old, I had enough (8 weeks training) and achieved what I wanted to. I had a lot of incredible memories but now it was time for my students to shine and I knew that I couldn’t do both of them at a high level. If I committed to another few years fighting then my fighters wouldn’t have achieved what they have now. I was also promoting, teaching seminars and commentating so this took up a lot of my time.”

Double K Gym opened in August 2013 and in the first full year claimed five world titles travelling to 10 countries. Kieran is also a trainer to six current world champions and has coached over 12 in his time.

Fights: 78 (54W 3D 21L )

Titles: WAKO PRO world champion (67kgs), WPKL world champion (63.5kgs), IKF world champion (66.68kgs) British Champion WKA, WMTO and WAKO pro, English champion WMTO. Drew for WMC world title.

Countries fought in: Thailand (27 times), Holland, Morocco, Italy (2x), Hong Kong, Japan and France.

Competed at the Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadium.

Won UBC fight of the week.

Trained at: Kaewsamrit, Fairtex, Sitdyotong, Jittys, Lamai WM, Mike’s Gym, VOS Gym and Mejiro.

Names fought: Buakaw Por pramuk, Sandet Sassiprapa, Massaki Kato, Warren Brown, Frankie Hudders, Somluck Khemsing, Lee Chesters, Andrei Kleubin, kaoponlek, Fikri Tjarti, Charles Francois, Danthai sit mornersak.

Seminars taught in: USA (Double Dose MT – Los Angeles), Spain (Marbella Muaythai), Estonia (Team Moisar).